Friday, July 3, 2009

Look! Up in the sky!...

Okay so. First things first: RUN, do NOT walk to your nearest fine fine retailer of books and BUY Tracy Madison's STROKE OF MAGIC. Don't just look at the pretty cover -- Buy it. Read it.


I'll wait.


There. Awesome, right? So now, on to Tracy's super-fun launch-week questions!!

1. If you could have any magical ability, what would it be and why?


Pure and simple.

The sheer, unadulterated exhiliration of free, under-your-own-power ability to go wherever, whenever without having to purchase a boarding pass. Awesome. It would be like bungee jumping without having to worry about the cord snapping. Not that I've ever bungee jumped because - y'know - I'm worried about the cord snapping.

Flight. Just... zowee.

Wind in your hair, clouds under your feet, er... bugs in your teeth - okay - forget that last part... can you imagine? I can. There is a scene in WONDROUS STRANGE where one of my characters acheives this and it was one of my favorite scenes to write - because I got to put myself into that situation.

2. What is the very first thing you would do with your new ability?

Er... fly?


No seriously. Moonlit night, slight scattered cloud-cover, spatter of stars sparkling in the indigo sky... throw your arms wide... annnd....... UP! Awesome. Soar, drift, loop-the-loop...

And then head I'd head straight for Hawaii.

Now. On to the important part of this post!! So. Tracy is giving away FIVE copies of TASTE OF MAGIC to five lucky blog-commenters (Comment! Comment!) along with a super-awesome coffee mug to one SUPER-lucky commenter (Comment! Comment!). So.... comment. And - because I'm late posting this (big surprise - hey gimme a break - I was on-set shooting a video all day!) I'm gonna accept comments on this post tomorrow (Saturday) too!



RagDollVampGirl said...

AWESOME!! Flying Seems OK... But I'm Afraid Of Going SPLAT!! LOL..

I'd Love To Enter For The Contest!!


Even Though You Didn't Ask I'll Say That If I Could Have An Ability It Would Be To Change Other People's Emotions... Some People Get So Angry Over The Dumbest Things.. LOL


Alicia Walker said...

No flying here. I look over a ledge and my stomach falls.

I'd have to say I would want to be able to slow down time for everyone but me. Then everyone would be amazed how I could gets things done so fast. But that might backfire and make me older faster...hum?

Okay, I'd want to speed OR slow time depending on my needs.
There! That's it!

Jillian Cantor said...

Lesley, I agree, flying would be cool, if not just a little scary for someone like me who isn't a big fan of heights. Would be super-convenient, though!

cait045 said...

Flying would be an awesome ability expecially with the price of gas really I love going on air planes and any thing fast where my stomach flips and I get an adrenaline rush. Flying free without any restrains would be perfect.

Kytaira said...

l'll skip the flying as well. I'd love to time travel with the built in protection that I automatically couldn't do anything to change my history or that of my family.

This sounds like a great book. Thanks!

lynda98662 at yahoo dot com

Mia Jalali said...

Oh MY! Tracy! STROKE OF MAGIC looks incredible. I just nominated it for the cover contest at AAR.

1. Telepathy - reaching into people's minds and knowing what they are thinking would be thrilling.

2. Tap into a decision maker's mind to decipher the war issues and try to end the destruction. Alternatively, tapping into a certain author's mind to send all the prizes my way. ;)

Wish you all the best and May you have millions of sales!

Tracy Madison said...

RagDollVampGrl: I'm with you on that one. Heck, there are times I wish I could change my OWN emotions!

Alicia: Love your power! Thanks for stopping in!

Jillian: I'd rather blink my eyes and be anywhere I wanted to be than actually be able to fly...

Tracy Madison said...

Cait045: I am so not an adrenaline junkie! At least not in *real life*. Good for you!

Kytaira: Hey! Thanks for stopping in! I'm in total agreement with you...would love to time travel.

Hi, Mia! Thank you for nominating my cover! Dorchester has a rocking art department!