Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's what day, again?

First off, an apology for my recent scarcity around these here parts. And lateness of posting. Seriously. It's Sunday? Already?? How did that happen???

Second, an explanation - of sorts - which relates rather nicely to this week's theme: it hasn't stopped.

Allow me to explain. What do I mean by 'it'? I guess I mean the writing because that really hasn't stopped... but I also mean all the other stuff that goes along with the writing. As my fellow Girls have already illuminated with their customary collective brilliance in the preceding entries, what happens after you turn in your manuscript is that... well... a LOT happens after you turn in your manuscript!!

I think there is a tendency among first-time writers to think that after the MS goes to copy-edits, or galleys, or actual press, our work is essentially done.


No no, my friends. That is not so. No kicking back on a beach for you, young word-slinger. Not just yet.

You already know, now, about what happens to the words after you turn them in. And you already know a little bit about what happens to you. I'd like to expand on that a bit. Here are just a few of the possibilities of the things which will occupy your time while you wait for your shiny new book to hit the shelves - all or none or some of which might be relevant to your particular situation, all or none or some of which you may or may not accomplish with flourish and panache (and, as Jillian points out, it seems like you wait forever for the book to hit the shelves. Or possibly just an eyeblink).

You might, in the interim, indulge in the following pursuits: blurb-gathering, blogging, blog-touring, blog-hosting, group blogging, giving interviews, answering q&a's, cover-copy approval, cover-art approval, catalog copy approval, website design/redesign/overhaul/maintenance/upkeep, twittering, facebooking, myspaceing, school visits, festival appearances, launch-party planning, book tour planning, recording the audio book version, shooting the book trailer, organizing contests and give-aways, putting together press-releases, networking your butt off, approving and signing contracts for foreign or sub-rights.

You could also set aside blocks of time to fret over cover art, rejoice over cover art, start another book, get another contract, finish that other book, start on the third book, pitch a couple of new projects, fret over advance reviews, rejoice over advance reviews, weep over advance reviews, attend conferences, participate in forums, self-google incessantly, wonder why you even own a tv, try to do laundry every now and then, and order in pizza. A lot.

Sometimes it gets a teensy bit overwhelming. And yet, for all that, there is the awesomeness. For example, on Thursday night I had a fund-raiser for a school in Brampton to attend where I was the guest of honor (whee!) and got absolutely mobbed by an awesome bunch of students; on Friday, I was the guest speaker at the York Catholic School Board's White Pine Event (an award for which I am gleefully shortlisted for WONDROUS STRANGE! whee!) and got absolutely mobbed by a different awesome bunch of students; this weekend was the Ad Astra SFF Literary convention at which I was a guest, had three panels to speak on, and a book signing to do; tomorrow, I have another school visit with two sessions of writer workshops to lead. Book 3 just went to copy-edits, I have a new book to finish by August, and I'm working on a pitch for another project as well. It's been barely over two years since I turned in that first MS. Feels like forever ago. Or maybe just an eyeblink.

And, while I might be a little sleepy, occasionally late or absent on the blog-front, and slightly swiss-cheesy in the brain, I have no complaints whatsoever. But I do wish they'd hurry up and perfect cloning!

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Kimmie said...

Wow that sounds exciting! Do you have a day job as well? thank you Kimmie