Sunday, March 1, 2009

The End of Release Week & The Last Chance to Win

Here's one last little interview with Tracy and Jillian as they answer Carolyn's questions:

How has your family (husband, children, parents) reacted to the publication of your book?

Tracy: Everyone has been incredibly supportive and excited for me! My two older kids are reading it, and my two younger ones think it's "really cool I wrote so many words."

Jillian: They're all super-excited! I let my husband read an early copy I got from my editor, even though he'd already read it, because he was so excited about reading "the real thing." My parents each ordered their own copy from Amazon because they didn't want to share!

Have any of them marched into a bookstore and bought all the copies?

Tracy: Not into physical bookstores, but my aunt ordered several copies and has since passed them out to all of her friends. She's had a great time reading the story at the same time her friends are.

Jillian: No -- but everyone's been ordering them on Amazon and then e-mailing me when it ships, and then when it arrives. My sister even sent me a picture of herself getting the book (although she made me promise not to post it anywhere!)

Are they telling all their friends, neighbors and distant relatives to go out and buy your book?

Tracy: LOL! Everyone is telling everyone, which is wonderful. I definitely have my family's support.

Jillian: Yes! My husband works in a middle school, so he's been spreading the word to all his students. And my dad sent out an e-mail to everyone in his address book -- a few hundred people!

Have you gotten any surprising reactions from people when you have told them that you are a published author?

Tracy: People tend to think it's really cool, and while I haven't had any surprising reactions, they've all been terrific! This past week I've reconnected with several friends from my high school days and in all cases, none of them were surprised to discover that I spend my days writing.

Jillian: Everyone I know has been really excited for me and excited to read the book, which is awesome. And I do mean everyone -- even my doctor was gushing about it and wanted me to display some books in the waiting room!

What one person were you looking forward to telling the most?

Tracy: Hmm, really...everyone I wanted to know found out when I made the sale. I couldn't wait to tell my husband, naturally, and then my best friend, and then my parents. It's been a lot of fun!

Jillian: I told everyone when I made the sale, too. But, of course, then, the absolute first person I wanted to tell was my husband!

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Kytaira said...

It's wonderfull that your families are so supportive! Jillian - That's so funny with your parents each buying their own book. Congrats on the releases!

Lalaland said...

Your families are very supportive. I can't believe your dad would send so many emails!

scottsgal said...

That's cute that your aunt bought a bunch of copies and passed them out. that's what family is for - great support

The Not So Closet Geeks said...

I'd love to be entered.


Paradox said...

This must be so awesome for you! I hope that one day I can get a book published...