Saturday, February 28, 2009

Away... But Still Thrilled

Hi everyone,

Sorry I missed last weeks post! Unfortunately I'm not going to be any better this week either. Last week my computer crashed and no matter how hard my lovely husband tried to get it back up and running, he couldn't. He explained to me what the trouble was, but basically all that it ended up meaning was that we had to go out and buy a new one! I then had to try and remember all of my passwords and email addresses, many of which I can't recall. That was last week.

This week I'm not at home. I'm actually away on an writing assignment and won't be returning home until tomorrow. I'm actually sitting in a internet coffee shop doing my best to concentrate over the terrible noise. Regardless of this fact, I wanted to send out my much excited best wishes to Jillian and Tracy on their debut books!!!!!! I ask my husband to order them for me yesterday, but for all I know he could have gone online and ordered a book about WWII instead. When I get home I'll make sure the books have been ordered. I can't wait to read them both.

As for the questions...I apologize for having to do it this way. I hope you can both still answer them. Again, good luck with your books and congratulations!

My Questions

How has your family (husband, children, parents) reacted to the publication of your book? Have any of them marched into a bookstore and bought all the copies? Are they telling all their friends, neighbors and distant relatives to go out and buy your book? Have you gotten any surprising reactions from people when you have told them that you are a published author? What one person were you looking forward to telling the most?

Sorry. I know these are more than a few questions. I hope you don't mind.


lisapatton said...

Carolyn, glad you got your computer fixed. I know how that is! Maddening, for sure.

Kytaira said...

I could have cried when my computer died. I didn't even lose all that much stuff but it's still such a hassle!

Paradox said...

That sucks about the computer trouble... I would practically die if my computer broke or stopped working. It's got hundreds of pages worth of ideas, experiences, and writing.