Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Life Is So Glamorous

There once was a time when my purse was filled with fabulous things, like lipstick, earrings and a flier for a new restaurant opening.

And then I had a kid.

Now? My purse is filled with random weird toddler-related stuff. Right now, I have: my wallet, a dead cell phone (thanks to my son pressing a bunch of buttons and making it go KABOOM!), a pen that has no ink, a baggie full of smashed-up cheerios, a friend's kid's birthday party invitation and a ton of McDonald's receipts from my morning coffee runs.

Glamorous life? I has it.

A few years ago, when I envisioned myself as the pre-published writer that I am today, I figured I'd have a cute pink Coach planner to track my publication tour, one of those digital voice recorder things (for all of the amazing and earth-shattering book ideas I'd get, natch) and some cool business cards all tucked neatly into my Brand New Prada Purse.

Well. I'm not going on a publication tour, I have a digital recorder but it's hiding somewhere in my apparently Bermuda Triangle-like closet and the only business cards I have are the ones for my day job, and I wouldn't really define them as "cool." And the Brand New Prada Purse? Sounds great, but I really don't need a several-hundred-dollar-purse-destroyed-by-toddler-with-sippy-cup incident.

I'll say it again: GLAMOROUS.


Jillian Cantor said...

Random weird toddler-related stuff -- isn't that really what purses are for, anyway? Haha! That seems to be the primary job of my purse as well these days :-).

Tracy Madison said...

Ohh, I remember those days. Especially the bag of Cheerios! And the little toys I'd stick in there to help entertain them if we were stuck somewhere for a while. :)

lisapatton said...

You've made me miss having babies. Believe it or not I'd give anything to have all that in my purse again!

Maureen Lipinski said...

Jillian--seems so, at least these days!

Tracy--My son usually chucks anything resembling a toy directly back at me and opts to suck on pens. Which makes it even more challenging when I get a fabulous story idea!

Lisa--I will fed ex him to your front door. Overnight. With tracking number.

lisapatton said...

Maureen, sounds good. Make sure you send a healthy care package along with him, though. From what I understand the cost of diapers is outrageous these days!