Friday, January 30, 2009

An Inventory of Oddities

Let's see...

- Notebook (full of mostly-indescipherable scribblings).
- Lucky pen (why lucky? I honestly don't know).
- Card case with business cards (which, last time I looked for it for almost five minutes so that I could actually give someone a card, I could not for the life of me find).
- Polished purple crytal which I think belongs to my friend Simon (why do I have this again? I should give this back. Weird.).
- Make-up bag (with which I must wrestle mightily to either open or close - note to self: clean out make-up bag. Why on earth do you have 3 tubes of mascara?).
- Tube of Lash-Grip eye-lash glue (no, I am not in the habit of wearing false eyelashes - obviously, I have three tubes of mascara, remember? It's left-over from when I was the Trophy Queen at the last World Rock Paper Scissors Competition... er... I've said too much).
- Frankenberry (this is what I call my newly acquired Blackberry).
- Frankenberry charger ("It's alive! Aliiiive!!").
- Cat-hair (various lengths and colors).
- Shiny new purple iPod Nano (containing, among other things, the awesome "mix tape" playlist my boyfriend created which I listen to while I write. It's like a soundtrack to my books and, hilariously - if you've read WONDROUS STRANGE - includes songs like REM's "Me in Honey" and Ben Fold's "The Bitch Went Nuts" which I suppose is a pretty dead-on anthem for Queen Mabh!)
- Various/numerous pots/tubes/sticks of lip balm (I live in Canada, okay?).
- And, (lastly...) more cat-hair.


lisapatton said...

Lesley, Loved your oddities list. I forgot cat hair in my purse! Thanks for reminding me.

Tracy Madison said...

I remember when I used to carry makeup around with me...that was before kids, though. Now, I'm lucky if I have a lip gloss with me. :)

Jillian Cantor said...

Oh, cat hair! Oddly, I think my purse might be the one place in my house where there is no cat hair!

Maureen Lipinski said...

Rock Paper Scissors Championship? Um, that will require a separate post. Because I need to know your husband and I use RPS to determine who changes my sons diapers. I would like some insider advice, please!