Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Catch you all on the flip side!

Hey hey, loyal Novel Girl Readers!
Everyone here at TNG is up to their stylish hip-waders in writing projects (that's a GOOD thing!) and so we've decided to take a collective hiatus for the summer!
But don't worry - we'll be back in the fall! With bells on and a bucket of large mouth bass! :-)
Or maybe just more fun posts about life, writing, and the writing life. And maybe some fabulous swag and giveaways... but only if you promise to behave and not torment your little brother in the backseat of the car on the way back from the lake. Deal?
Tracy, Maureen, Lisa, Jillian and Lesley


Anonymous said...

:( But... it's hard to tell when Summer begins and ends in Hell... I mean Florida. And as for that promise to behave. *grins* Of course I will.

Oh and Lisa, by chance you read this guess what! I got a copy of your book to review! Yay. Your publicist was awesome enough to send me a copy to review since I couldn't get my hands on it. The cover to this is even prettier in person.

Ms. Maggie said...

Missing you guys this summer! Glad when hiatus is over. Sending you an award, I love your blog.


Anonymous said...

.... It's almost summer again... kinda. I miss you. *sniffles*

Anonymous said...

Tracy Madison, Maureen Lipinski,
Lisa Patton, Jillian Cantor, Lesley Livingston told us not too worry as they had gone fishing for the summer and taken a hiatus. Well, they must have had a fantastic and stupendous time and never wanted to come back to here. Fishing does that to some people. HAPPY FISHING!! Ice Fishing and all!!

**All in fun**

Anonymous said...

Almost time for 'Gone Fishing 2011'.

Maybe Tracy, Maureen, Lisa, Jillian, and Lesley will tell us some of their fishing stories from last summer. Or whatever stories they care to share.

Happy Easter and Spring!

Anonymous said...

..."only if you promise to behave and not torment your little brother in the backseat of the car on the way back from the lake. Deal?"

Who broke Lesley's deal? Now I know why thet have not come back :(

Happy MAY DAY!! Fishing season is upon us.

Anonymous said...

Gone Fishing? What are the Novel Girls doing these days?? Hmmm... Gone Fishing? Novel Girls where are you? Someone wants to know or two or three...Bye!!

Anonymous said...

...more fun posts about life, writing, and the writing life....maybe some fabulous swag and giveaways...

Lesley were in were in! That is Lesley after 'Gone Fishing 2011'

-loyal Novel Girl Readers-

Anonymous said...

"Catch you all on the flip side!"

Lesley we look forward to that! On the flip side it is!

Anonymous said...

Well shit, they forgot all about us. lol, I feel so lonely. :(

Andrea Teagan said...

Awww. and I just found you too!! Good luck with everything. I wish you the best.


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