Monday, March 1, 2010

Movie Time!

We did a week of posts a ways back where we talked about our favorite movies, but this week, we're going to share what some of our recent favorite movies are. Normally, a lot of my movie-watching is from DVD or VOD, because we don't get out to the theater all that often, but this year, I made it to the theater several times.

I used to love going to the theater. I guess I still do, but I'm also getting to the point that staying at home in my pjs, curling up on the couch, with popcorn made the way I like it, is preferable most of the time. But when a movie is truly special, then there is nothing like watching it on the big screen.

So, here are some of the movies I've really enjoyed lately:

  • Sherlock Holmes: This movie is one I was able to see in the theater. My family went on the weekend after Christmas, and we all loved it. Okay, well, 1/2 of my family saw Sherlock Holmes and the other half saw Avatar (which, um, I still haven't seen and I really, really want to). But I LOVED Sherlock Holmes. Come on...Robert Downey, Jr and Jude Law? What's not to love? The humor was awesome, the relationship between Holmes and Watson was a joy to watch, and I left the theater feeling as if the price of admission was well worth it.

  • The Time Traveler's Wife: I just watched this movie this past weekend, and I'll admit I was hesitant. Not because I've read the book and I was worried about the changes that might have been made in the movie ( wouldn't know the difference), but because I'd heard conflicting reports from friends who also haven't read the book. But, I was in the mood for a love story, and I'm always a fan of the time traveling plot, so I decided to give it a go. Wow. I loved this movie! It is such a love story, but it also asks a lot of questions that I found compelling. Sort of "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" type of questions. At any rate, now I want to read the book, even though I know there are differences. But aren't there always?

And because I like to do things in threes...

  • The Blind Side: I wanted to see this movie the second I saw the first preview, and I was also able to go to the theater for this one. I'm a huge fan of Sandra Bullock, but I am even a bigger fan of true, inspirational stories. And this is a HUGELY inspirational story. This movie is being released on DVD this month, and it's already on my must-buy list. If you cry at big, soppy, emotional moments, then have your tissues nearby.

So, those are three of my favorite recent movies. What have you seen recently that you absolutely loved? I'm always on the lookout for more!


Maureen Lipinski said...

I really, really want to see The Blind Side! I can't wait until it comes out on DVD!

Jillian Cantor said...

I really want to see The Blindside, too. And I just watched the Time Traveler's Wife, too, and I'm still not sure how I felt about the movie. I liked it, but I felt like something was missing. I'm actually really curious to read the book now.