Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Crazy for Crazy Heart

I only have a week to catch up on my movies so I can be an informed Oscar watcher. As great as I think the Hurt Locker must be, I won't be able to "take that one in." I don't do war movies.

But. I did see a different kind of war movie - Avatar. I absolutely loved it. The love storyline certainly didn't hurt my chances of loving it. Couldn't tell you the last time I saw a movie in 3D. Disney maybe. But now I'm so into seeing movies in 3D. Plus I saw it on an IMAX screen. Now, I'm a big fan of Avatar. I've told everyone I know to chop chop.

It's Complicated
is way more my style of movie. The romantic comedies always win out when I have a choice. I've seen it twice and will probably see it again on DVD! Why? It's hilarious. Laugh-out-loud-lots-of-times hilarious. When Meryl Streep sneaks off for a cosmetic surgery consultation and runs into her ex-husband (Alec Baldwin) and his new young wife in the elevator, and then pushes her eyelid up to act like she's young, too, I thought I would have to have my stomach operated on. Pure genius comedy. At least for me.

And finally let's talk a second about my man, Jeff Bridges. That hunka hunka burning love, even when he's the Big Lebowski. Finally, he's getting the recognition he has deserved since venturing into Hollywood. Crazy Heart is fantastic - my favorite movie of the year. It's absolutely wonderful and a must-see. If he doesn't win the Academy Award, I'm not watching the Oscars again. He's the real deal. Nothing contrived about his performance as an aging, washed-up country western singer. He sings his own songs and plays the character of Bad Blake so well, you'll feel as though Jeff is Bad Blake in real life.

So. Along with a million other women, I'm pulling for you, Bad Blake. I mean Jeff!


Paula Aspacher said...

I LOVED It's Complicated! I saw it twice in the theatre... I laughed so hard when Alec Baldwin snuck into her bedroom and took off his closed while Steve Martin was on Skype... I think I was screaming out loud in the theatre "Oh No!" We have good taste!!! Hope you are doing well!!! Write on!!! we are all excited for more LeeLee!!!!!

Jillian Cantor said...

I haven't seen any of these. I'm so behind!!! They're certain to become my next year's favorites!

Lesley Livingston said...

LOVE Jeff Bridges (also love the Crazy Heart poster). Seriously one of the most underrated actors of all time! Can't wait for TRON 2!! ;-D FLYNN LIVES!

Maureen Lipinski said...

Congrats to Jeff! My husband LOVES him!