Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Tuesday Already?

A confession: I thought today was Monday until about five minutes ago, when I looked at the calendar and shrieked, "The blog! I have to post on the blog!" In my defense, my husband and I returned late Sunday night from a weekend in Vegas, so I barely know what hour it is, let alone day of the week. But, armed with a strong cup of coffee, I'm just about ready to go.

This week's topic is the Winter Olympics. I didn't get a chance to watch the opening ceremonies, as I was at a piano bar in the Palazzo hotel while they were going on. I did see a brief glimpse of one of the performances while I was ordering a frozen drink. But I'm so, so excited to watch all of the events.

Yesterday, I caught a recap of some of the moguls races, and I honestly have no idea how those skiers have any cartilage left in their knees. I also love the ski jumping, and always hold my breath until the skier is safely on the ground, no injuries in sight. And I'm sure I'll watch a bit of hockey, along with some speed skating.

One event I can't bear to watch is the cross country skiing. I tried to flip it on for a few minutes yesterday, and had to turn it off. The reason is because it makes me exhausted just to watch! I inadvertently start huffing and puffing from my sedentary position on the couch, until my husband reminds me that the only physical activity I did in the last five minutes was adjust the couch pillows. So, no long-distance skiing for me.

I do love all of the figure skating, although my husband can barely take it. It's too stressful for him to watch, as he's always worried someone is going to fall. And, unfortunately, it seemed like a lot of the pairs last night did just that. But I love the over-the-top costumes, the excessive eye makeup, the body glitter not seen since 1990, and the drama of the scoring.

What are you all looking forward to watching?

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Jillian Cantor said...

I can see why your husband can't bear to watch -- It is nervewracking, especially when the announcers always try to build it up and talk about practice falls, etc.