Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Year That Was...

I sit here looking back on 2009 from the lofty perch of two whole days into 2010. I have the honor of being the first Girl to post in this New Year and the distinction of being late again to do so. What--you wouldn't want me to do something weird like make resolutions and keep them or anything would you? ;-)

No no. Instead, I thought I'd kick off the year by doing absolutely nothing productive yesterday (a sort of tradition for me--it's like a transitional period from one year to the next) and then do something fun today like... announce the winner of the DARKLIGHT release week contest!

RKCharron come on down!!

You are the winner of a signed, hardcover copy of DARKLIGHT!!

YAY!!! *muppet arm flail*

Please email me at lesley (at) lesleylivingston (dot) com and send me your address!!

And, see, this is what looking back on 2009 means to me! The fact that I can do that--that I can give away a copy of my second book--is what this year has meant to me. I published my first book this year. I wrote the sequel. I saw it launch (yes yes-- I know, in the US. The Canadian release date is mired in confusion which I hope to have cleared up next week when the HC Can offices are open! Promise!). And I finished the first draft of the third book in the trilogy. Ye gods, I have written a trilogy. Everything else?... Pretty much a blur.

Well, not exactly a blur... but the overarching theme for me for 2009 was, of course, the insanity of sudden, acute writerdom! It was a year of tremendous excitement, fun, anxiety, weirdness and wonder. And I would have lost my mind somewhere along the line if it hadn't been for the extraordinary support of family friends and you guys.

It's funny. You spend so much time reaching and reaching for something and then suddenly you have it in your hands and you say "Holy Hell--where did this come from?? And what do I do with it now that I've got it?" That was what 2009 was for me. Half "brass ring", half "be careful what you wish for", all of it... ultimately... awesome. I can't wait to see where 2010 goes from here!


Jennie Smith said...


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! *muppet arm flail*


RKCharron said...

Hi Lesley :)
Thank you very much!
I love how successful 2009 was for you and here is to 2010 being just as great, if not more so!
Love & Best Wishes,

Maureen Lipinski said...

I totally agree--I waited for my book to come out for so long, and then was kind of surprised when it did actually show up on shelves!

Jillian Cantor said...

"sudden, acute writerdom. . ." I love that. And know exactly what that feels like!