Monday, January 18, 2010

A List of 10!

This is going to be a quick one, as I'm literally going to type the first 10 things that come to mind. Ready? Okay, then:

10 years ago, I...

  1. Had just moved back to Ohio from Oregon. I miss Portland, but I'm also happy here. I like that my family is close, and I like that my kids get to experience family holidays, grandparents at their birthdays/graduations/etc.
  2. Bought a black lab puppy from a local breeder. Sadie is still with us and doing pretty well, but the poor dog has some arthritis in her hips. She's also the size of a small bear (thyroid issues), but she's loving and sweet, and she's an important part of our family.
  3. Had a wedding. It was a small wedding, but attended by those closest to us, and with our 10-year anniversary approaching (we were married on my grandmother's birthday), I'm trying to plan something special.
  4. Worked a full-time job as a manager of a CPA firm (I do not miss tax season at all, btw). Seriously. Not at all.
  5. Only had 2 children (my boys are 7!). It's difficult to imagine our family without the twins, but ten years ago, they weren't even a thought in either of our minds. And honestly, if someone had told me ten years ago that we were going to have twins, I think I would have choked on my coffee. But wow, they make me smile every single day.
  6. Had yet to go to my first RWA conference (though I'd been a member of RWA for several years). I always thought I shouldn't go to the national conference until I thought I was close to publishing, and back then, I worked way too many hours to fit much writing time in, so I kept putting it off. My first national conference was a mere three years ago, and I sold less than a year after that. Hmm, maybe I should have went earlier!
  7. Had yet to join my local RWA chapter. I can't imagine not being a part of this terrific group, but a decade ago, I don't think I even realized there was a local chapter here.
  8. Watched very little TV, but never missed Friends. Sigh. I still miss this show.
  9. Hadn't yet read any of the "In Death" series by JD Robb. This is one of the very few series I'm happy to buy in hardcover the minute a new book comes out. But ten years ago, I didn't think I'd like the futuristic component of these books, so hadn't even given them a try. Silly me.
  10. Was 10 years younger... Yeah. Enough said!

When I think of all the changes this last decade has brought, I'm amazed. When I consider how quickly that decade went, I'm shocked. Time really does fly!

I can honestly say that I'm *mostly* pleased with where my life has gone over the past ten years. Sure, there are a few things that I sometimes wish I'd done differently, but who knows where I'd be today if I had, and right now, my life is good.

What about you? Share a few things about you from 10 years ago! Would you change anything if you could?


Maureen Lipinski said...

I can definitely imagine that your Aprils are much more pleasant now!

Tracy Madison said...

In a huge way, lol.