Friday, December 18, 2009

"It's the Holiday Season..."

Really?... it is? Okay...

So we're chatting about Christmas traditions, eh?... seems a bit early in the year to me, but I suppose I have a few in common with my fellow girls!

You see... the closer it gets to the actual day, the further I tend to drift into my traditional state of denial that it's even December fer cryin' out loud. I guess I'm with Maureen ("Not as Big a Slacker as Lesley") on this one.

Then there's that traditional recurring eye-twitch I get every time I pass a mall - the one that tells me before I've even conciously acknowledged it, that Sleigh Ride is playing over the PA system - and the pathological urge to avoid parking lots (I don't even drive!). I'm with Jillian ("Too Cute to Be The Grinch") on these.

After the denial and the twitching comes the strange cravings to watch all my traditional holiday-fave dvds. I'm with Tracy ("The Christmas Elf") on this one. Although... my seasonal picks tend toward "Die Hard" (it is too a Christmas movie) and "I, Claudius" (don't ask - it's just a tradition in our house).

And then I get odd, panicky flutterings that tell me I should really haul my in-denial butt to the mall because maybe I should START SHOPPING... I'm really with Lisa ("Spirit of the Season") on this one.

These are my little internal traditions for this time of year. I'll probably start to ease myself out of the temporal disbelief by stopping off to pick up some pine boughs on the way home tonight... ("Nah," sez internal voice. "Stores won't have them yet. Too soon." See? Told you. Denial.)

Of course - one thing that, as of this year, is becoming a tradition for me - and one I'm rather less inclined to be in denial of (although I still can't really believe it's here already -- oops, that sounds like denial - never mind) is that little festive occasion known as a BOOK LAUNCH! Yup, just like last year, smack in the middle of the mid-winter festivities (whenever those are - some weeks away yet, I do believe), yours truly will be getting another one up there on the shelves. Sure... it's another thing to make me a little more seasonally crazy (ha! - "little") but it's something I'm willing to get used to!

And just in case the Holiday Season really is right around the corner (it isn't, is it...?), I would like to wish a Merry Yule, Joyous Mid-Winter, Happy Christmas, Cheery Hannukah, and all the rest to all the Novel Girl readers out there! Have a safe and fabulous holiday season!

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