Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ahh, Passion!

Our Blogoversary continues and this week we're celebrating the paperback release of WONDROUS STRANGE. Congratulations Lesley! You must feel fabulous. One thing's for sure WS is a passionate piece of art. A must read for any age! So please run - and hurry hurry - to your favorite bookstore and purchase it. Lesley is giving away a signed copy this week, so please leave your comments. Look to the sidebar on the right for more ways to win. Also, everyone who comments will be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card, to be given away at the end of the month!

Just knowing Lesley through cyberspace has me not surprised that she would pick passion as this week's topic. Passion is pretty close to a perfect emotion. Any time euphoria is the outcome, I'd say it's mighty fine to be passionate about anything. Passion is what drives me. It enhances my life. Without it I'd be a mess and I certainly wouldn't be here writing this post. The single reason I was able to write a novel is because passion envelops my heart.

I'm extremely passionate about the people I love, all animals and of course, music. Antiques qualify as my passion as does vintage jewelry. It's hard to imagine passion as anything but wonderful but for obvious reasons an unfortunate passion of mine is beautiful designer clothes. I'm not proud of this mind you, it's actually quite troubling. And so is the following . . . my passion for expensive champagne. I'm not exactly sure when that last one developed. I do remember having my first sip of Perrier Jouet and thinking Uh, oh. I'm in trouble. If you haven't tried expensive champagne you should go for it. You'll see what I mean. It's silky smooth and it slides down your throat like it's a healing tonic. Great champagne goes with your throat like ketchup goes with french fries. Like it's meant to be there. Maybe it's something about the fizziness, I don't know but it's fabulous. Now before anyone thinks I have a problem here, let me clarify, it's nothing of the sort. In fact, I've only had expensive champagne a handful of times in my life. In fact, I hardly drink at all. But when I do, it's going to be delicious. That's for sure.

And here's a new one on me. 150-year-old Grand Marnier (the other spirit I'm passionate about) actually exists! I had no idea. I mean that's pre-Civil War! A very nice friend offered to treat me to a sip of it after my first book signing at Davis-Kidd in Nashville. I hope he's serious because that sounds like a passionate experience for sure! Now the unfortunate reality about all these passions is my pocketbook, or lack there of. But that's what dreaming is for, right?

I'm passionate about beautiful flowers. In particular I love gardenias. Just one bloom will freshen up a whole room. My culinary passions include homegrown tomatoes, Alaskan king crab legs, caramel cake and anything cooked from a recipe out of Fine Cooking Magazine.

I suppose there is a flip-side to passion. I'm one of those overly passionate people who cries at the drop of a hat. My heart bleeds when I feel sorrow or injustice and especially loss.

I could go on and on about my other passions but I've already taken up too much room here and I have to go on to my day job. I love hearing about what ignites a special spark in others. Please tell me about what makes your heart pound!

And don't forget next week is FINALLY THE RELEASE OF WHISTLIN' DIXIE IN A NOR'EASTER. I'll be giving away a signed hardcover copy so please come back next week and enter to win. Have a great week everyone!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Okay so I originally said writing, reading,painting,and cooking were my big passions.But I forgot the one that just makes me stop and have to watch and get the urge to dance along.I LOVE dancing.I love how it expresses so many things with simple moves.The way ballroom dancers just seem to glide across the floor effortlessly even though I know it takes a lot of hard work and practice.Some dances make me laugh,some make me cry and some just make me wish I could wake up back in the time of corsets,ball gowns and fancy parties,and have a handsome rogue {sorry have to have me a rogue,lol.} sweep me off my feet and make me feel like a princess.I could never afford dance classes so what I did,and still do,is watch the dancers on t.v. and copy what I seen over and over and over again until it came out just the way I seen it.My moves may not be as perfect as someone who was trained all their life but they're just good enough. But yes,other then writing I breath,sweat and bleed dancing. :)

Haley Mathiot said...

enter me please! haleymathiot at yahoo dot com

Sena said...

Enjoying good food is my passion :)
I am also passionate about animals! I just love being with them. Visits to petting zoos are really fun!

Brodie said...

Ohh I love beautiful flowers too! I could just stand in a garden and admire for HOURS. Drink in the amazing beauty and life they excude and the gorgeous smell. I'm partial to lilies in particular!

Hmm... does talking also count as a passion? LOL. I have a passion for communicating... whether typing or babbling out of my mouth, it's just yap yap yap! But my ultimate passion is life. Corny, maybe. But passion for living... living every day to it's fullest and inspiring others to reach their potential and see the amazing person that they are! I love experiencing new things and seeing the world in new ways - honestly, it'd make my day just watching an ant battle it's way across a huge stretch of grass. Life is passion! =)

Kristen said...

It's awesome to have multiple passions at once. I feel like that is the spice of life - discovering something else you also love and are passionate about. :)