Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sunburned = Perfect Remedy for Writer Burnout

This week's topic isn't a toughie for me, as I'm sitting here typing this in my bathing suit with a nice frosty glass of lemonade sitting beside me. Yes, I'm on vacation! Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, to be exact. And I haven't thought about work...much...OK maybe a little...those revisions to Book #2...forgot about those...whoops.

Scratch all that--this will be a working vacation! I'm still finalizing a few small things for my second book, so tomorrow I'll be hitting the pool with my laptop in hand. Truly, my book will be a "beach read."

Regardless, the first few days of this vacation have been heaven. I can already feel my creative juices renewing and I'm itching to start my next book. I've been checking emails sporadically on my Blackberry, instead of feeling glued to my laptop. Even just three days of relaxation have provided some much needed perspective and a huge mental break.

Most writers I know spend their days chained to their computers, obsessively checking emails and waiting for the phone to ring. It's hard to know how stressful that is until you actually step away from all of it. It's been so freeing to wake up in the morning and not power up my computer before I even have a cup of coffee.

Thus, like I said, I'm a' rarin' to go on my next book thanks to this little reality break. Creative juices are flowing once again, folks!

Now, if ya'll will excuse me, I have some suntann--er, business to tend to!


Lesley Livingston said...

Please excuse me while I go marinate myself in a tangy jealousy-based broth for awhile and then simmer over the hot coals of envy!

Ohhh... beachy goodness... whimper.

Jillian Cantor said...

Agreed. Sooooo jealous. Hope you are eating extra hush puppies and crab for me :-)

Lisa Patton said...

Maureen, have you seen any alligators? I love Hilton Head! I got to close to an alligator one time an it scared my to death! Have fun, girlfriend. Jealous.