Friday, August 7, 2009

De-stressing! What a novel idea! *bad pun groan*

Wait a minute.

You mean... at some point you're supposed to relieve stress??

Huh. Maybe somewhere in the foggy past I read that incorrectly as "re-live stress". Because - that I can do. I can replay stressful moments over and over in my head like one of those songs that gets stuck in your brain for days at a time...

No no. Seriously. Stress relief. That's a good thing. Especially in this job.

Now, rather like Jillian, I tend to thrive in pressure situations. No really! I do! Hang a deadline over my head, dangling from a fraying thread like the sword of Damocles, and I'm good. Tie me to the tracks with the deadline-train a'comin' and I'll somehow manage to fish out my trusty swiss-army knife. Loom ever larger at me all you want Mr. Deadline, I'm walkin' straight toward you, whistlin'...

*starts to hyperventilate slightly*

...Heh. Um. Wait. Do you think maybe I have deadlines on my mind?

Okay - focus here people. By "people" I mean "me".

Right. Stress relief. What do I do for stress relief?...

I could say "shop" but I actually find that kinda stressful (unless it's with my Mom, 'cause she's really good at it.) I could say "yoga" but I haven't bent myself into a Lotus Position since I got my first contract. I could say "watch tv" but I barely know which remote goes with what device.

I... um... read? Okay, yeah. I do that - but I do that anyway. I listen to music - same deal, though.

Oh wait! I garden! Sure! That's what I do.

*pauses to look out window at sadly neglected shrubs that need a serious pruning*

Huh. Maybe I should take some time to de-stress this weekend. If nothing else, the geraniums need to be deadlined--er dead-headed. Yes. That's what I meant. No I'm not stressed - why do you ask?


Lisa Patton said...

Lesley, How could I have forgotten about gardening as a stress reliever. Duh. And yet, you'd never know, by the looks of my garden today, I had ever stepped a toe out of my house.

Jillian Cantor said...

I'm jealous that you both have the ability to garden right now -- says the girl who hasn't been in her backyard for weeks because it's been over 100 degrees every day :-(

Maureen Lipinski said...

I have an indoor Aerogarden full of dead herbs--does that count?

~*Jessica Rabbit*~ said...

"No I'm not stressed - why do you ask?"

Lesley,do you have any brothers or male friends that come over regularly?Because I have this one stress relieving technique that always puts a smile on my face...ready?...okay so as you go to walk past them,or they you,gut check them.Meaning just for the heck of it punch them in the gut. They'll be fine *waves Lesley's worries away* they're guys okay,they were put on the earth to endure punches from us women folk to the gut...just don't hit them in the goodies because they tend to cry.LOL.But yeah my brother James makes this weird cry/coughing sound every time I gut check him and it makes me feel soooo much better.

*Looks around dark kitchen* hmmm,
where is he?