Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Celebrate . . . just because!

Oh Maureen, to be turning 30 again. I have a faint recollection of that time hidden up there somewhere. Oh yes, of course, now I remember. I had a two-week-old baby and I spent that momentous evening with Dr. Spock, thumbing through the pages of his iconic manual trying to figure out what in the heck I had done.

Fast forward to July, 2009. I'm close to publication but I'm nowhere near 30.

All the birthdays in my home are celebrated during the spring. I'm an April birthday, my youngest son is too, only six days before mine (he was due on my birthday), and my oldest son's birthday is March 20. Throw Easter in there and and spring is an expensive time of year at my house.

And here's something else that's interesting. Many of my closest girlfriends have April birthdays, too. I can think of at least five of them right now. April's a great month to celebrate.

The longer I'm on this earth the more important I think it is to celebrate. Whether it's a birthday or a high school graduation, a promotion at work or more simply the accomplishment of a small goal. We need to take the time to pat ourselves on the back, pat each other on the back and use these milestones as excuses to get together and build intimacy with one another. Create a memory.

Last night I got together with five girls from a job I had a while back. I hadn't seen them in months. We picked up right where we left off. We were celebrating Linda's success at going four months without a cigarette! We drank wine, consumed lots of chips and dip and talked about Michael Jackson. We laughed about all kinds of things and then laughed even harder. I got home way too late, and I don't feel all that great today but we grew closer and created a fun memory together.

There's something to be celebrated every day if we would just open our minds to it. Maybe today I'll celebrate the fact that I wrote eight pages yesterday on my next novel . . . just because!


Tracy Madison said...

"Create a memory." I love this! And you're absolutely right...there is something to celebrate every single day. Just yesterday, I heard this story that at first made my skin crawl with fear (a little girl in the middle of a busy road...alone), and then made shiver for a different reason.

I wrote about it on my blog today, but basically, this 2 or 3 year old little girl was out in the middle of a busy road. The first car that saw her, stopped and started honking to alert other cars. Miracle of all miracles, it car after another stopped and honked...until the girl was rescued by her dad.

Anyway, didn't mean to write a book here...I just can't stop thinking about it.

Jillian Cantor said...

Lisa, great post! April is a good birthday month -- both my parents have April birthdays! And 8 pages of your next book. Yay!

Lisa Patton said...

Tracy, That exact thing happened to my friend Leann the other day. Except it was a little boy. She got out and put him in her car. He had wandered way off from his home. What's wrong with these parents?? And yes, Jill, I had a good writing day! Thanks for your encouragement!!

Maureen Lipinski said...

I agree--we should celebrate every moment. Especially in publishing, because there are so many hurdles to jump over, so we need to remember that each small step is a victory to be celebrated.

I just turned in my final revisions for my YA to Holly--does that mean I get to open up some champagne??? :)

Lesley Livingston said...

I'm all for celebrating! Big moments and small. Whose got the bubbly?? (I'll settle for ginger ale, in lieu - but only for the small moments!)