Monday, April 20, 2009

Pets and Family

I grew up in a house where dogs lived as well as the human occupants. We never had cats or any other type of pet, but we always had at least one dog, sometimes two. And oh were they spoiled. I remember trips to McDonald's where my folks would also purchase a cheeseburger for the dogs. Our pets were allowed on the furniture, on our beds, and were treated with presents on Christmas, doggy baskets on Easter, and as much love as we could possibly give them.

As an adult, I treat my pets pretty much the same way. We currently have one dog (a huge black lab) and one cat (a smoky grey furball of craziness), and while they didn't receive baskets on Easter, they did have their own special treats for the day. They also get wrapped presents at Christmas. Watching Sadie (our dog) open wrapped gifts is a hoot! I think I give them to her more to watch her open them than anything else, LOL.

For weeks before Christmas, as soon as any presents start showing up under the tree, she'll nose around them, trying to sniff out if any are hers. Usually, she can tell (since we give her doggy treats like rawhide, etc), but sometimes she gets antsy and we'll wake in the morning with several presents unwrapped and Sadie giving us her wide-eyed innocent expression.

On Christmas morning, when we finally give her the two or three gifts, she'll immediately grab one in her mouth, run under the dining room table, and using her paws and teeth will open the present. When the first is opened, she'll come out and grab the next, and so on, until she has all of *her* presents opened. Then, she'll watch the kids open theirs with barely restrained patience...almost as if she's thinking "Hurry up or I'll help you!"

When she's sure there are no more gifts for her, she'll return to her spot under the table, choose whichever treat she wants first and either 1) go about tearing the packaging open, or 2) bring it to one of us to open for her. It really is hysterical!

The cat, on the other hand, is oblivious to the joy of wrapping paper. Ellie prefers the dangling lights and ornaments on the tree, and until someone actually opens her present and bestows the toy or treat upon her, she's clueless.

Regardless, we love both of our pets! We used to have a loudmouthed bird, as well, adding to the entire food chain , but unfortunately, she didn't make it through the winter. And no, I never wrapped presents for her!

I'd love to hear about your pets! Please share.


Maureen Lipinski said...

Aw! I can only dream that someday my dog will be as well-behaved and charming as yours!

Jillian Cantor said...

That's so cute that Sadie gets her Christmas presents! I am all for treating pets as well as the humans in the house :-)

Lisa Patton said...

Aww, I want to give Sadie a present. What a sweetie she sounds like!

Tracy Madison said...

Maureen, she is well-behaved, but she's also getting up there in years, and is rather lazy. :) Still, she's a sweetie.

Jillian, she loves her presents, lol.

Lisa...I'm quite sure Sadie would love a present from you!