Friday, April 3, 2009

Ah... The Mist-Shrouded Moors...

I don't tan.

In fact, I don't even burn so much as 'spontaneously combust' upon the application of sunlight to my delicate alabaster epidermis.

I went to the Dominican Republic a couple of years ago... and sat in the shade for most of the time. Don't get me wrong - it was still awesome! - the beach was lovely, the scenery was terrific, the heat was balm to my always-too-cold extremities, but I was into triple-digit sunblock and swam a lot at night and in the rain.

Not a sun-worshiper. In fact, given much of a choice, I will seek out rainy climes. Not that I'm actually seeking out rain, itself, it's just that I adore places where it tends to do that. Hell - it rained last time I was in Vegas and I didn't even mind that much.

One of those places - Wales - is, in fact, my favorite place on the planet thus far. There were shades of green in that country that I didn't - prior to setting foot there - even know existed. Everything seemed recently rained-upon even when it had been sunny for a week straight. Dappled. Fresh. Fecund.

Also? Wales sprouts historical ruins like weeds. Castles, ruined castles, crumbling monasteries, Roman fortifications, ancient Celtic hill forts - you name it. And that is my passion.

Much as I love lazing around reading a good book (under an umbrella, thanks!) in a warm tropical breeze, I'm much more drawn to the places where I can take in ancient history as part of the scenery. I was in Britain once for three weeks - it rained for a good whack of it and I couldn't have cared less. Tuck the hair up under a cap, pull on a pair of boots, let's go. There's a castle to be explored on that there hilltop!

Strangely, today is a perfect day for me to be writing this post... it's raining. And misty. And I'm going to go see a Scottish pipe and drum concert tonight. I've yet to make it up as far as Scotland (and me being of Scottish descent!) but I suspect it will make me yearn for a couple of weeks scrambling about in places that look like location shoots of Braveheart! Places where I would remain pale and pasty and content. Och aye!


Rina said...

I too love Wales. Being married to a Welshman from Cardiff we try to go as often as possible. Your post has made me long for a visit.

Jillian Cantor said...

You make the rain sound enchanting, Lesley, and I'm not usually a fan of the rain -- hence my desert locale!