Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Like Taking Candy From a Toddler...

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. Of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right behind, with all the stomach-exploding and gift-exchanging. But Halloween has always been a special time of year for me, ever since I was a wee young 'un.

See, my birthday is right before Halloween, so my birthday parties growing up always involved scary movies, trips to Haunted Houses, with some pumkin carving thrown in there. Then, I got to college and continued the tradition with pumpkin-flavored ale and Halloween movie marathons.

And I'm so excited to pass down my love of all things Halloween to my son. Last year, he was only a few months old, not really trick-or-treat capable. This year, however, It's On. He can toddle around and sort-of follow directions. So, I plan on dressing him up in a dinosaur costume and dragging him around the block for all the neighbors.

I'll probably just point to him and hold my hand out when my neighbors open their doors. Kind of like, "Look, see? He's in a costume. You are now socially required to give me candy. Now fork over the goods, lady!"

There are lots of disadvantages to having a toddler, but I seem to have discovered the one huge advantage: Candy. All mine. Because he's still young enough to think swapping his entire bag of candy for the television remote is a good deal.


Jillian Cantor said...

You made me laugh! That television remote makes a good bargaining chip at my house, too!

But for me it was actually much more fun getting all the candy as a kid, when I wasn't worrying about calories or five lingering baby weight pounds.

Lesley Livingston said...

Hilarious! The potential upside is endless!! (Until he gets a little older and wiser that is - then watch out!)

Tracy Madison said...

LOL! I love this. And I remember the first year my twins went trick or treating...by the next day, they forgot about the candy completely. They were all about the costumes though!