Friday, October 31, 2008


I'm SO excited that I get to post here at THE NOVEL GIRLS on this eve of eves!

You see, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Not only that, but it plays a very significant part in my book, in its guise as the Celtic New Year, the Feast of Samhain.

In honor of that, I have decided to post a sneak peak snippet of WONDROUS STRANGE! Enjoy!

October 31st

Up and down,
up and down,
I will lead them up and down...
I am fear'd in field and town!
Goblin, lead them up and down...

Puck’s tortured words rang in her ears as Kelley lifted her head, struggling against the darkness that threatened to descend upon her. She stared in horror as the Central Park Carousel shuddered in the cloud-shattered moonlight. Though no one was there to operate the machinery, the platform lurched into motion and the painted horses began to bob up and down. The gilt and jeweled trappings of saddle and bridle glimmered, winking at Kelley like hundreds of wicked, malevolent eyes.

In the sky above the merry-go-round, amidst clouds bruised purple and black by the violent winds, a figure appeared – hovering in the air astride a fiery roan horse. Kelley felt the hot sting of tears on her cheeks as she looked up and met the eyes of the Rider. He stared down at her – cold, pitiless, with no hint of recognition in his beautiful, haunted face.

Beneath him – driven to madness by the presence of the Rider on his back – the roan horse screamed defiance. Bucking and rearing, it lashed out with hooves of flame.

The Carousel began to turn.

In the distance, Kelley heard the sound of the hunting hounds.
The Rider drew his sword, the blade flaring like a firebrand. Kelley’s breath strangled in her throat as the Carousel began to spin faster and faster.

Smoky, glittering figures coalesced out of the air to ride the painted mounts. Bloodthirsty and red-eyed, brandishing swords of flame, their joy was a terrible thing to behold. Beneath them, the wooden horses transformed, snorting furiously and stamping hooves on the spinning Carousel stage.

Then they burst forth. Legs churning, they galloped madly into the night, climbing an unseen path into the heart of the roiling storm.

After centuries spent imprisoned, locked in the chains of uneasy, enchanted sleep, the Wild Hunt was awake.

It was Samhain Eve. Tonight they would ride out. Tonight they would kill. Nothing in the world could stop the Faerie war-band – not with the Rider and the Roan Horse at their head...

I am fear'd in field and town!
Goblin, lead them up and down...


Maureen Lipinski said...

How appropriate that your blog post falls on the eve of Samhain!

May you have much fun during this "in between" time!


Maureen Lipinski said...

Oh, and I love the snippet, by the way!!!

Lesley Livingston said...

Thank you, Maureen!

And a Merry Samhain to you, too!

Jillian Cantor said...

I love the excerpt! So beautifully written and intriguing!! I can't wait to read more!

Happy Halloween to you and your kitties, too! It is remarkable how similar we are :-).

Bonnie Grove said...

Ooo....very cool. Well done. I'm looking forward to reading my SIGNED copy. :-)

Tracy Madison said...

The excerpt is awesome. I so can't wait to read this book! Thanks for sharing. :)