Monday, June 14, 2010

A Crazy Few Weeks

We don't have an official topic for this week (unless I missed something), but I've skipped blogging the past two weeks due to being ridiculously busy and overwhelmed, so I definitely wanted to pop in today with some type of a post.

I hate when I miss posting, and I hate even more that I haven't stayed up to date with all of the other Novel Girls, but time has been scarce as of late. My eldest son graduated from high school, I had book signings and other promo-related time-consuming details to deal with, and a book (By Magic Alone) that needed my attention.

I turned in By Magic Alone last Monday, so things are sort of beginning to ease timewise. Thank goodness! But I'm also behind on a bunch of other stuff, and once I get caught up on all of that, I have other books to write. That's right...more books! I can't announce anything officially just yet, but I should be able to by next week or the following. When I can, I'll share all of the details!

But here it is mid-June and my brain is back a few months, somewhere in April, I think. It will probably take me a few more weeks to actually be ready for summer. How's your summer going so far? I'd love to hear!


Anonymous said...

Yay! More books! Cannot wait.

How is my Summer going?

Man I've been hotter than a pig over a spit. Seriously it's so stinking hot this way and I can't sleep much because of the heat. Sure, I could turn on the a/c but I could also have my dad gripe about the power bill. And let me say, sweating to death and losing more sleep is far better than hearing him complain... he does it for weeks, not days. lol. As you know I am moving, yay { boooo }and that is going rediculously slow. Packing wise. I kid you not I have packed the same four boxes at least a dozen times. But of course they are the most important ones. { my books, buah ha ha.}

Hmmm, oh! I have a graduation ceremony I am being forced to attend tonight for getting my GED last year. It's taken so long for the county to throw us little people something because it took half the year last year to find out if I passed the test or not. { I did with flying colors.}

But that's all for my summer so far. And I'm glad your back.

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in to say hi! I love the concept of your blog!