Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Like My Karma the Way I Like It

According to my parents, I was a pretty easy baby and toddler. I napped when I was supposed to. I didn’t cry a lot. I listened. Even as I got older I was always the good/well-behaved child in the family, the one my mom didn’t have to worry about having tantrums in the mall or misbehaving at school. But, as I’ve been told, even as a young child I was a little bit OCD. (And okay, admittedly, I still am). Remember Sally in When Harry Met Sally – when she orders her salad in her own particular way, dressing on that side? That’s me. I also like what she says in the movie, that she just likes things the way she likes them. There’s nothing wrong with being particular, right?

But anyway, when I was around two or three apparently I had this thing, where I would only use a Kleenex if it came from this one particular box in our living room. If anyone tried to give me one from somewhere else, I cried and screamed and insisted the Kleenex must be from the living room. I’m sure this drove my mother crazy (and I’m sure it wasn’t just the Kleenex, although this is the story I’ve heard over and over and over again my whole life.) I’m not sure how long this went on, maybe months or years, but I do remember what cured me of it. Once I was at my no-nonsense next door neighbor’s house and I needed a tissue. I insisted my mom run back to our house and get me one from the living room, until my neighbor yelled at me and insisted I take the tissue from her house. I’m not sure why, or exactly what she said to me (but vaguely remember she said something to the effect that I should stop being such a whiny brat), but whatever it was, I never complained about the tissues again.

And like Maureen said, there’s nothing like karma. Because my youngest son is exactly this way. He will only drink his juice box if it’s facing a certain way and placed in the Sponge Bob cup-holder in one direction; he will only walk on one side of the garage, which is, of course the longer route to the door, and he has a fit if you try to make him go the other way. He instructs me specifically on where each part of his dinner should go on his plate. And I could probably go on and spout off a million little things he wants a particular way, things that drive me crazy on a daily basis.

Of course, when I complain to my mom about it, she just laughs and asks if I took a Kleenex from the living room today. Okay, point taken.


~*Jessica Rabbit*~ said...

Ha ha, that's funny. I would love to say I was the perfect kid. Never did anything to upset the parents as a child. Buuuuut. Yeah. I can't. LOL. Apparently I had this thing about running around naked and playing in the mud right after my mother bathed me and put me in a pretty dress. And of course the whole walking to my uncles house in the pitch dark whenever I felt like it. Annnd, *clears throat* there's this story everyone likes to laugh about where I had apparently wanted some butter and when no one would give it to me I stripped down naked, grabbed the butter from the fridge, and sat on top of the kitchen table and ate it right out of the bucket. {I was 2 or 3}

Buah ha ha! I rocked.

Oh, and now if my mother cooks beans or corn beef and cabbage with something like pork chops and another vegetable I will put the beans or cabbage into a separate bowl and the veggies and meat on a different plate. I don't care if those two touch but I hate when the beans or cabbage is spread across my plate and mixes with the other foods juice. LOL!

~*Jessica Rabbit*~ said...

Oh! and I always didn't want to go to school. From Kindergarten until I dropped out I did whatever it took not to go. Hid behind the couch, under the bed, in closets. If my parents had to take me to school I would cling to the posts that lined the breeze way and refuse to let go. And one time in the 3rd grade I made this well planned escape from school. I told the teacher I needed to call my mother because I forgot my lunch. I didn't bring my lunch I ate the school lunch, ha ha. When I got to the front office I told them I had thrown up all over my desk and didn't feel good. Well when the nurse left to do something I snuck out, ran for the woods and walked my happy self home. I would have made it to my hiding spot behind the 7ft stuffed mouse in our shed had our dog not ratted me out. LOL!

Maureen Lipinski said...

Karma, she is a funny one!