Friday, February 5, 2010

Er... Food-related. Sort Of. Plus Bonus Snowy Digression!

Hoo boy.

I got nothin', Girls.

My roasting pan is empty. The pilot light on my stove is out. The microwave is unplugged.

Recipes. Recipes... I know I've heard that word before... isn't that the term used for the series of numbers one punches into a telephone to make food appear at one's front door?


I made "sloppy joes" once. They turned out pretty good, I seem to recall. I could really kind of go for one right about now, actually...

I know there was ground beef and a can of chicken gumbo soup involved in the process. Also dry mustard. And Lipton's onion soup mix. There might have been a dash of ketchup and some Worcestershire Sauce. Or maybe HP. I'm hazy on that detail. Maybe garlic powder.

And buns.

And I think I probably had to call my mom on the other side of the country to avert some sort of disaster mid-way through.

It's sad really. I missed last week's topic becaue I killed my laptop in the middle of Book 3 revisions - why yes, I was freaking out, thanks for asking! - and that was actually something I could have impressed y'all with.

Winter activities.

I skate. I ski. I pack a mean snowball. In university I took a weekend workshop and somehow wound up competing in the Senior Women's open catagory in Naturbahn Luge - yes, that's right, LUGE! - in the Alberta Wintersport Championship and, after only a couple of weeks of training, came in 7/10ths of a second away from a bronze medal.

Yup. I'm a demon on the slopes.

But I can't boil an egg without setting off the smoke detector.


Doug A Scott said...

The luge? Seriously?

God, just when you think you can't adore Lesley Livingston more...

Tracy Madison said...

I love the luge! Well, to watch mind you. Watch. On TV. From the safety and warmth of my couch.

Lisa Patton said...

Lesley, Now I know for sure. You are a girl after my own heart.