Monday, November 16, 2009

Favorite Restaurants...and then some!

I'm not really sure if I have one favorite restaurant. You see, I love going out to eat, and as long as the place has decent food, I'm just not that picky. Besides, it's not so much about the food for me, but the activity. Oh, and not having to cook or clean up, naturally.

My family doesn't go out to eat all that often, so when we do, it's a real treat. And while I don't have actual favorites, I do have preferences. If we're heading out for breakfast or brunch, my two top chocies are going to be either Bob Evans (they're not exactly local, but not exactly national, either. They have locations in 18 states), or Scrambler Maries, which only has locations in Ohio. Awesome breakfasts to be had, and prices that work for a family with four kids!

When it comes to lunch or dinner, though, my restaurant choice will be based more on the type of food we want than the actual place. For Italian, a favorite is Biaggi's. I love their lobster and black fettucini! For steak, Mancy's Steakhouse (a Toledo favorite for 85 years) heads the list in a big way. And if we're in the mood for seafood, and we have some extra money, we'll go to the Bluewater Grille.

Family-favorites, though, tend to fall into the national chains, such as Olive Garden, Applebees, and such. Places with enough choices on the menu to make everyone happy and prices that won't make my hands shake as I pay the bill!

I'm also a real fan of ordering out and having food brought to my door. I still don't have to cook, clean up is minimal, and um...yeah, I can dress for dinner in my PJs if I want. :)

So, what about you? What are your favorite restaurants?


Faith said...

I love the independent ethnic food restaurants... little Indian places, Thai, Greek, Middle Eastern, or Vietnamese. I find their food is always fresher than some of the big chains, whose portions are flash frozen and then shipped to each restaurant where the cooking staff just reheat it (or cook it, in some cases). Still, frozen is never the same as fresh!!!

I do like the chains if I'm in the mood for a quick lunch, though. Jack Astor's and Kelsey's come to mind first.

There's also a great Italian place about 10 minutes away from us... but it's the kind of place that you save up for 6 months before you can afford to go!

Tracy Madison said...

Faith: I'm so with you! Unfortunately, with four kids, most of the time I have to please everyone, and that means food that everyone from the 7 year-olds on up will like.

Thanks for stopping in!