Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I've already mentioned my love for the fall season, and part of the reason for that is Halloween. (It also helps that my birthday is the week before, but this year I turned 30, so we'll just forget about that, OK?)

As a kid, I'd always have a sleepover on Halloween night--a time for my friends and I to pool our candy together and determine who gave out the best loot. Of course, we'd also gossip and tell stories about the spooky house three doors down that never gave out candy. As we got older, we'd watch movies like Halloween and Fright Night and gossip about which classmate had the best costume.

As an adult, I've tried to maintain these traditions. My husband and I watched Halloween last night, and I'm planning on a scary movie marathon every night this week. But it is a bit different as you get older, isn't it? It doesn't come as naturally for some reason. I have to remind myself to go buy pumpkins, put up decorations and get a costume. But I think we need to hold onto some of those childhood traditions and excitement, if only to remind ourselves to not take life so seriously, and that having fun can come easily.

I think watching my two-year-old enjoy Halloween is going to be my favorite part this year. He's now starting to understand his role a bit. OK, he only really understands the candy part, but that's something isn't it? I still need to run out and buy him a costume, as the ones I've seen in stores so far have been, um, sub-par. (UPS man? I mean Seriously.)

No matter how everyone is celebrating good ole' October 31st, I hope you all have a safe, fun evening with a few tricks. And treats!


JAD said...

Maureen, I'm with you. This is my favorite holiday too! :) We don't have a lot of children in the neighborhood, but I still buy candy and put out decorations for them, just in case we do get the odd trick-or-treater. But I've been so busy this year, I haven't gotten around to it yet--still haven't even decided whether or not I'm going to dress up. I guess it's officially time to make the mad dash. I hope you and yours have good--frightful ;)--one!

Anonymous said...

I love Halloween.My all time favorite time of the year.The whole month of October is.I plan allllll year round for what I will be and what I am going to do.This year,I will be watching scary movies with the parents. :) I will be an author at witts end with a deadline looming around the corner.Ohhhh wait,I already am. Buah ahahahaha.