Friday, September 4, 2009

First Love... Final Frontier.

I don't think anyone who knows me can possibly refute the fact that the giant flashing neon NERD sign on my forehead can actualy be seen from space. It's because that's where the first love of my life spent most of his time. And I wanted to make it easy for him to find me. That's right. Go ahead, mock me all you want...

My first crush was Captain James Tiberius Kirk, commander of the starship Enterprise.

(And, no. I don't mean William Shatner. I mean Captain Kirk. There is a subtle distinction.)

I think it was the twinkle in his eye. Or maybe the buckle of his swash. Or the fact that he was a master of the flying drop-kick. Or the fact that every other female he encountered in his galaxy-spanning romps virtually fell swooning before him - I knew a good thing when I saw it.

What can I say. I love a man in uniform. Even if said uniform is occasionally (well - in an evil mirror universe kind of situation, anyway) sleeveless and made of sparkly gold fabric!

I know other girls who went the Nurse Chapel route and threw their affections at the chilly, logical feet of that alluring Vulcan, Mr. Spock, but not me. I was a captain's woman. My favorite episodes where usually when there were 2 of them - Captain versus Captain. Double the fun!! Heh. I always thrilled to the sight of Jim Kirk beating the crap outta Jim Kirk. Actually, I was always thrilled just about any time he got in a fight. Might have had something to do with the rippability of those Star Fleet uniforms...

(I like my heros tenderized!...)
But there was a vulnerable side to the good captain, too. You could see it whenever tragedy struck in his love life - like when he had to let Edith Keeler die so that history would return to normal. Or when he lost his beloved Mirimani in the episode I lovingly refer to as the "Wow, Kirk Looks Hot in Buckskin" episode.

(...and tender!)
Seriously. You have no idea how much I wished I had long black hair and a headband after I saw this one.
Also? He was good with animals! Who doesn't love that in a man?

Okay... maybe not so much with reptiles.

Nowadays, I still carry a torch for James T. Kirk. And you know what's cool about that? Because I'm in love with the character, not the actor... well, now I get to crush on a whole new hot young Captain of the Enterprise.

Ooh! It's like first love all over again, but in High Def with remastered special effects!!

See what I meant about the sign? Now everyone point to my forehead... all together now... "NEEEEEERRRDDDD!!!"

*happy sigh* You bet I am. First-love and foremost.

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Doug A Scott said...

I always thrilled to the sight of Jim Kirk beating the crap outta Jim Kirk.

Captain Kirk doesn't take crap from anyone... not even himself.

haleyknitz said...

oh man.... lol you made my day. ;)

~*Jessica Rabbit*~ said...

(And, no. I don't mean William Shatner. I mean Captain Kirk. There is a subtle distinction.)

I agree with this statement. Because one of my many t.v. 'loves' is Adam Cartwright {yes I know I've stated this already.} but in real life Pernell Roberts{Adam} is some sort of distant cousin to me.I KNOW!!!Ack.I have a crush on Adam,ADAM!Not my cousin Pernell...two very different people.LOL.

Jennie Smith said...

Random... when Capt. Kirk come on... I came a runnin' no matter what I was doing! I can completely relate!

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Good Luck to all!!


Lexie said...

:D I was always more of a Spock fan...I don't know why. Maybe because Spock wore blue and blue is my favorite color so as a baby I was drawn more to that? XD

William Shatner though, I have a sort of fangirl crush on because over the years he had certainly been FUNNY and just such a great guy to watch in movies or interviews.

My very first acknowledged Hero crush however would have to be Geordi on Star Trek: Next Generation. He is the first one I remember marching up to my father and saying 'I will marry that man.' I was like...four I think. But I had a crush on both the character AND the actor--Levar Burton was my dream man as a child (Reading Rainbow! He talked about BOOKS all the time! He was on Star Trek! what else did I need in a man back then?).