Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Proud Papa

Thanks to Maureen, I at least have something to say in this week's post. When she talked about her dad picking up the bar tab at her launch party, it made me think, "That's exactly what my daddy would have done!" But alas, he's not here any longer and won't be sharing in the most exciting time of my life.

I sure wish he was, though. :-(

He would be loving the fact that his first born is only three and a half months away from having her own book published, and by a New York publisher, no less. I would be loving the fact that I could tell him, in person, that my University of Alabama degree prepared me for this, despite the fact that he never let me hear the end of his ranting and raving that I should have gone to Hollins (a prestigious all girls college in Virginia, for anyone who doesn't know.) "Well, well, well, Daddy," I'd say. "See, I saved you thousands of dollars a year and I still got the book published."

No offense to Hollins. It's an amazing school but I'd already done the all girls school route for the thirteen years leading up to college. Enough of the periods and panties already.

After dialing all of his friends to brag on me (I'd be horrified at this BTW), Daddy would have planned the biggest book launch party Mobile, Alabama had ever seen. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if he ordered 1000 copies of the book, either, and handed them out to everyone he knew on the golf course. Or the barber shop, or The Pillars - his favorite restaurant. The only thing he'd love more than my getting published is to be able to tell everyone at his country club that his daughter was a New York Times bestselling author, even if he did have to buy most of the copies!

My daddy was a mess, and I mean that in a good way. He always had the best of intentions even if he did brag a little too much about my sisters and me, or even if he never did own a pair of bluejeans. Bless his heart. If he could only see my blue-jean-heavy wardrobe today.

I sure do miss you, Daddy. Father's Day is just not the day it's supposed to be without you.

Oh and Congratulations, Maureen, on what seems to have been a great launch week! A Bump In the Road, is hilarious by the way, I'm on page 95 and I love it!


Maureen Lipinski said...

That's awesome, Lisa! Your dad sounds a lot like mine--I have to restrain my parents from continually ordering more copies of the book!

Jillian Cantor said...

Lisa, this is such a sweet post. I'm so sorry that your dad won't get to see your book release.

Lesley Livingston said...

Your dad sounds like the kind of guy that us NGirls would've had a fine time getting to know in these comments trails, Lisa! Lovely post.

Tracy Madison said...

What a wonderful post, Lisa! Hugs on your loss, and I too am sorry he won't get to see your book release.