Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Eye Pod

Ahhh...this post will make my siblings laugh. See, I'm the oldest of four siblings, so generally I'm regarded as an"old woman." Nevermind that I have yet to hit 30, but whatever. I'm told that I act like a grandma because I don't use Skype (thought it was a type of vodka until recently), my cell phone is an ancient Razr that doesn't allow me to check email, I've never used ichat, I've never taken my iTouch I got for Christmas out of the box and last year, I threw my iPod across the room because I couldn't figure out how to program it.

The iPod thing really wasn't my fault though. My husband and I have had horrible luck with computers lately. We've gone through four laptops in two years--thankfully all under warranty. And apparently, when you switch computers, your iTunes gets all messed up and then you have to force the songs that are already on your iPod back onto the new computer via some strange contraband program and then shove them back into the iPod again.

Or something like that. I remember googling the instructions, being extremely confused and just tossing the thing across the room. So, consequently, I haven't updated my iPod in about two years. And my husband put a bunch of random songs on it, so I'll be happily working out, bopping along to Pink, when it'll switch to quoted lines from Napolean Dynamite or old SNL sketches.


But, have faith. My sister is home from college now, and she promised to program my iTouch for me. With lots of cool "apps." Groovy.

And even though none of these songs are actually on my iPod, I'll share my playlist for my YA book (that I'm revising today for the 1,345,678 time). The book has lots of fun Celtic mythology and folklore in it, so thus the heavy Irish music.

I'm Shipping Up to Boston--Dropkick Murphys
Green & Red of Mayo--Brendan Loughrey
Rush--Big Audio Dynamite
Paint it Black--Rolling Stones
Tuesday Morning--Pogues
Paralyzer--Finger Eleven
Danny Boy--Brendan Loughrey
Another Brick in the Wall--Pink Floyd
Fields of Athenry--Dubliners
How Soon is Now--Love Spit Love


Lesley Livingston said...

Ooh - I'm totally yoinking most of your playlist! *yoink*

Jillian Cantor said...

You MUST take your iTouch out of the box. My new iTouch = my new obsession!! (and I'm an older woman than you!)

Lisa Patton said...

And then there's me. I must get new music, I must get new music. Fortunately, my youngest son actually listens to my music.