Friday, November 14, 2008

Jillian Stole My Post Title.


I am a certified danger to myself and others in a kitchen. Disasterous, one might say.

I burn my fingertips, catastrophically spill things, routinely set off the smoke detector and strike terror into the hearts and tiny minds of the cats upon entering the kitchen for any purpose beyond opening a bag of munchies or making myself a latte (don't be impressed - I have one of those coffee-bot thingies that requires almost negative effort on the part of the user to create frothy caffeinated delights).

I. Do not. Cook.

My mother is a great cook.
Sadly this is not a genetic thing -- or, if it is, it has most defintely skipped a generation.

My mother reads this blog.
When she saw the topic for this week's postings, I think she fell off a chair she laughed so hard.

Then she sent me gag recipes.

Love you, Mom...

Actually, I blame her for my lack of culinary awesomeness. When, throughout the course of your formative years, you have sumptuous meals prepared for you on a regular basis by someone else, what possible earthly sense does it make for you to learn to cook?

Nowadays, I just blame John for reinforcing that early learned behaviour. He is also a terrific cook. And, insofar as he refuses to starve to death waiting for me to make food go, he has claimed the kitchen as his domain. (It's also probably because he wisely doesn't trust me around knives or open flame.)

They say cooking is a number's game. All measurements, and timing, and proportion and degrees.


In that case? Here's my best recipe: 416-967-1111.
And just like Europe's flashiest chefs, I can make that one happen with a flourish of the wrist!


Jillian Cantor said...

Love your best recipe! Mine is similar!! Sorry I stole your title :-).

Lesley Livingston said...

Perhaps "share" would have been a more apt word - as we seem to do a lot of that!!


Doug A Scott said...

The whole "danger in the kitchen" thing, I can totally empathise with. Lynn's so good at creating dishes from leftovers or random ingredients, whereas I just cannot cope without a recipe. And even then, with the recipe, there's usually that point where something goes catastrophically wrong.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Lynn's on the evening shift at work, so I must go fend for myself in the kitchen. I'm having Campbell's tomato soup.

Maureen Lipinski said...

My husband's special cooking involves a different kind of number...the local pizza joint!