Saturday, October 11, 2008

What Else Is New...

Well, being the completely unprepared person I am and not being able to think longer than a few minutes ahead...I completely forgot that I am leaving first thing this morning to head to Saskatchewan for our (Canada's) Thanksgiving long weekend. We are leaving in minutes and as I stood in front of the bathroom mirror a few seconds ago, brushing my hair and packing my last minute items, I suddenly remembered...THE BLOG!!!!

We are off to visit my husband's family who live on a 260 acre farm in the heart of Regina, Saskatchewan. And though I would like to say they have Internet access the truth is....they don't. So accept my apologies this go around and next week I'll answer the first draft question in detail (along with the new topic).

Happy Thanksgiving to all those Canadians out there who are going to be enjoying turkey and mashed potatoes with all the fixings this Monday. Gobble Gobble!!!!

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Maureen Lipinski said...

Have fun, Carolyn! Looking forward to your thoughts on first drafts...I've been so intrigued reading the posts!