Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Do You Want To Be Writer BFFs? Circle Yes or No

An often-heard cliché is that writing is a lonely profession. And yeah, it totally can be. Long hours spent in front of a computer with no other living organism, late-night editing sessions, countless minutes stuck in your own head while trying to wrestle a plot twist out of the deep recesses of your brain--isolating? Hell yes.


Thanks to the fabulous invention of the interwebz, a writer’s life can now be filled with tons of virtual writing buddies, fantastic beta readers and even a grog membership thrown in there. Sure, writing can be solitary, but it doesn’t have to be.

Through the internet, I’ve found some fabulous writer friends. Some, I’ve toasted when they received a book deal and some I’ve commiserated with when their route to publication took a nasty turn. Whether someone’s writing journey is smooth or bumpy, other writers really are a fantastic support system. There is something so common in the writing experience. No matter if pre-published, hot on the agent-hunt or in the midst of copy-edits, almost all writers can relate to a cringe-worthy first draft or an “A ha!” plotting moment.

And there’s something so special in sharing with other people who know EXACTLY how you’re feeling—how it feels to realize your latest work-in-progress is more worthy of the recycle bin than the best-seller list, or when your main character just won’t SHUT UP in your head. (Please Leah, STOP TALKING for a brief minute.)

So, I just like to say a quick thank-you to all of the fellow writers who have inspired me, motivated me and made me laugh throughout this often soul-crushing journey to publication. And, especially, to my fellow groggers. I’m thrilled to share this amazing time period in our writer lives together!


Lesley Livingston said...

It really is nice having other people to talk to other than the ones in my head!

Reminds me of a cartoon I saw once - two guys at a lunch counter and the one guy says: "The voices in my head have stopped talking to me. Do you think they're trying to drive me insane?" and the caption is: 'Geoffrey realized there was no right answer.'


So, on behalf of me and my head-voices, thanks for another lovely post!

Jillian Cantor said...

What a great post, Maureen! It is so interesting and so terrific the way friendship has taken on a whole new meaning in this Intenet age we live in now.

I agree that it definitely does make the writing life a lot less solitary!

Tracy Madison said...

Writing is such a solitary lifestyle, that having friends (especially friends who "get" it) is so important.

Great post, Maureen!

Carolyn McTighe said...

It is so great to read your post and have you basically convey the same sentiments that I feel. Awesome!

Lisa Patton said...

Maureen - I know what you mean about the solitary writing life! It's my least favorite part of the job. I get so lonely sometimes and having a repoire with yall, is something I've wanted for a while. Thanks for the great post!

Lisa Patton said...

Yes, I can't believe I got to meet both Holly and Katie on the same day. I can't wait for you to meet them either. You will really love them both - I'm so happy to have them. I think it's quite serendipitous that you and I have ended up here together. YAY!